‘We Were 15 When We Started Dating’: STELLAR Meets Robbie Brady’s Long-Term Girlfriend Kerrie Harris

We chatted to Kerrie in the May issue of the mag and got to know the other half of Ireland's sporting hero Robbie Brady.

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Robbie Brady’s 85th-minute goal at the Ireland v Italy match on Tuesday secured Ireland’s place in the Euros final 16 and there’s one photo in particular that sums up the raw emotion and passion of that winning moment.

Hopping over the barriers after his triumphant goal, Robbie shared a passionate embrace with his long-term girlfriend Kerrie Harris.


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Sharing the pic on her Instagram in an emotional tribute to her boyfriend, Robbie’s long-term girlfriend Kerrie Harris described herself as “literally the proudest woman in Ireland right now.”

STELLAR caught up with Kerrie back in the May and got to know more about the lady herself.

Kerrie Harris

On dancing

“I’ve been dancing since I was six,” says 24-year-old Kerrie, who runs the soul to Soul2Sole Dance Academy in Swords. She currently lives in Norwich with Robbie, and their two-year-old daughter Halle. Kerrie got her start as a child with Irish dancing. “Then I went into doing tap dancing,” she recalls. “I wanted to do some shows like pantomimes, so my mum put me into stage school in Swords. I did that for years and did some of the pantos in the Olympia and Tivoli theaters. It was the best time of my life, I made great friends. It was like a family.”

“I did advertising and marketing at Tallaght IT and thought I’d start advertising my own dance school,” she adds. “At quite a young age I knew I wanted to teach dance to kids.”

On Mixing It up

She’s a keen #FitFammer too. “I enjoy exploring different classes. I do a class called body attack – it’s a cardio class, a step-up from aerobics,” she tells us. “I’m going to start classes in a Jumpzone, too.”

On skincare

How does this Swords-native care for her skin? “I use La Roche-Posay on my skin. I use my Clarisonic a lot and I’ve started using Environ – it’s a regime that you use in stages, so I’m on the first step of that.”

On her relationship with Robbie

“We were quite young when we started dating – 15! With Robbie’s career, he has to eat well, so he does a lot of cooking which helps me massively. We have a lot of chicken on a bed of broccoli or turkey mince on cauliflower – a lot of vegetables and protein. We try to mix it up. We’ll have some smoked haddock, diced chicken, sweet potato, different sauces and a small bit of brown rice.”

This interview originally appeared in STELLAR’s May Issue. The July issue is on shelves now!

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