What Do Men Really Want In A Relationship? We Asked 5 Guys To Find Out…

Men's minds are a mystery, so we sat down with five lads to find out what's really important to them in a relationship.

Young romantic couple in bed

Colm, 24

Comfort is incredibly important, and I can confidently say it’s the main reason why I would stay in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete softie, but I want a girl who can create a warm, cuddly atmosphere where we can escape the noise and stress of the outside world. A supportive attitude is a big turn on too and there’s something calming about a womanly presence. If a woman nags or criticises me though, I’m less likely to stay in the relationship and would rather do anything to get out.

The most important thing I need from a woman is sex.

Paul, 29

If I’m completely honest  the most important thing I need from a woman is sex. It really is the driving factor and quite frankly it’s the reason most men get up in the morning. We really do notice when you make an effort, so a little grooming and some nice lingerie can go a long way.

James 26,

For me, I’d say finding a girl with a good attitude is probably the most important because the world is kinda shitty right now, and despite the fact that student loans are weighing on my head, my mammy’s pressuring me to settle down and my job is nowhere near where I wanted my career to be, I try to maintain a good attitude about it all. I wouldn’t date a girl that can’t keep at least as positive an outlook on life as I can. Personally, it’s a deal breaker.

Nothing gives me more strength than a woman who creates a space that makes me feel invincible.

Donal, 23

I love to be the hero in the relationship. If I’m seeing a girl I want to be her superman. It makes me happy to hold my girlfriend in my arms and show her the world. Or at least feel that way. Letting me see her vulnerable side brings us closer, it automatically makes me want to take care of her. Nothing gives me more strength than a woman who creates a space that makes me feel invincible. If you make me feel that way, I’ll make you feel like you’re the most beautiful creature on this planet.

By Jennifer Conway.


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