‘What Does It Mean?’ Fans Go Wild For Liam Payne’s New ‘Birth Date’ Tattoo

The expectant father just got some interesting new ink.

Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne

As fans wait patiently for the arrival of Cheryl and Liam’s baby, they’ve been scouring the couple’s social media feeds for the tiniest clue that they’ve just become parents.

We reckon they might have taken the speculation a little too far on this latest ‘clue’ though.

Yesterday Liam unveiled a new tattoo on his Instagram account. β€œ1993,” he wrote under a snap of his birth date etched onto his skin.


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So far, so normal, but over-eager fans reckon his latest choice of ink somehow signals that he’s just become a father.

Hmm. Stay with us here. They think the tatt could be a pre-cursor to Liam getting his child’s DOB tattooed, signaling that the little tot has already arrived.

We’re not buying it, sorry lads.

Other fans had a more plausible theory, speculating that 1993 could be the name of Liam’s upcoming album, set for release in the coming months.

Now, that’s a conspiracy theory we can get behind. And as for the arrival of their first child? Well, it looks like we’re just going to have to sit tight a little while longer.

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