‘What Pathetic Mess Is This?’ Everyone’s Seriously P*ssed About Snapchat’s Latest Filter

Their new filter has everybody up in arms.


We could spend hours trying out new filters on Snapchat, (the doggy one is our fave, FYI) but the app’s latest filter has sparked some serious controversy.

For those of you who didn’t know, yesterday was April 20th, a day otherwise known as 420; a celebration for weed smokers.

To mark the event, Snapchat teamed up with Bob Marley’s people to make a custom filter of the Reggae star’s face – and people are pissed.

While some claim that the app’s use of ‘blackface’ has racist connotations, others are angered that Bob Marley’s legacy has been misrepresented.

What do you think? Offensive, racist, or just another fun filter on your fave-o app?

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