Yikes! Apparently Kate Moss Got Into A Physical Fight At Cannes And Mary J. Blige Had To Break It Up

It was a drama-filled evening for the star.

It seems Kate Moss didn’t have the most relaxing of evenings at a recent fashion bash at the Cannes Film festival.

The supermodel was attending The Fashion For Relief party at Cannes when things apparently turned nasty and she ended up in a fight.

According to The Sun, the 43-year-old got involved in a heated row with a fellow party-goer before Mary J. Blige stepped in to break the fight up.

[Kate] was drinking bottles of wine,” a source told The Sun. “One of the girls came up to her and started squaring up, she didn’t like it one bit. It was about to get nasty before Mary stepped in.”

The model was previously involved in an altercation in 2015 when she was allegedly escorted off an Easyjet flight for being disruptive.

Neither Kate, Mary J. or the model’s supposed rival have spoken out about the rumoured fight.

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