Yikes! The Kardashians Could Be Facing Legal Action For ‘Deceptive’ Marketing On Instagram

If they're reported they could potentially be hit with a big lawsuit.

Kim Kardashian

With 314 million Instagram followers between them, it’s fair to say that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie are the undisputed queens of social media, but they could be in hot water for posting sponsored posts that a false advertising agency has labelled ‘deceptive’.

They’re the kinda posts you’ll see on Kim and co’s pages on the regular, normally with one of the family clan posing next to a ‘favourite’ product that they wax lyrical about in the caption.

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But according to the Truth In Advertising organisation, the Kardashians are actually breaking the law by not disclosing that such posts are #sponsored and Page Six reports that the company have sent a legal letter to Momager Kris and her lawyer about it and are threatening to contact the Federal Trade Commission.

“We have found that members of the Kardashian/Jenner family are engaged in deceptive marketing campaigns,” the organisation claims.

“[We have] found a plethora of posts that do not clearly or conspicuously disclose their relationships with the companies being promoted in the posts as is required by federal law.”

Among the companies mentioned in the letter, are Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder and Karl Lagerfield.

So what will happen if the Kardashians are reported for deceptive marketing?

Well apparently making corrections to their sponsored content pics (the way Kim did when she was called out for not listing the potential side effects of a morning sickness drug on her Instagram last August) just won’t cut it, and if Truth In Advertising do report to the Federal Trade Commission, which we suspect they will, Kim et al could be facing some hefty legal action.

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