“You’re not stupid…” Pippa O’Connor Weighs In On The #Ad Argument

She seems to have strong feelings about it

Pippa O'Connor

So the issue of bloggers and influencers getting paid for posts and sponsorship’s has reared it’s ugly head again.

Most of us are either team ‘I want to know exactly when my favourite snapchatter is getting paid to tell me this tan is deadly’ or team ‘ah leave her alone she’s only making a living.’

Most recently, we saw fan favourite ‘Faces by Grace’ reported to the ASAI for not putting #ad/#spon on a post she put up on snap chat for a brand that she was working with. This sparked the whole debate again, with you guys having your say on how this issue should be handled.

Now, the snapchatter extraordinaire that is Pippa O’Connor has had her say on the topic, taking to…you guessed it… snapchat to give all her loyal followers her take on the story.

“Anything I talk about on here whether it’s beauty, fashion, somewhere I’ve been, something I’ve used, if I am collaborating with a brand on anything, it will always be said this is an ad i.e they are paying me to collaborate with them.” She told her followers.

“If I don’t state otherwise it means I’m just sharing what I like

“I’m asked dozens, probably more than dozens of times a day to promote a brand, company, product, salon, hotel, you name it I’m asked to plug it and promote it.

“But I have to respect the amount of following I have and be true. You’re not stupid.”

Pippa also made it v clear that she was only speaking for herself and none of the other Irish bloggers.

“I don’t know what anyone else does or how they conduct themselves. I think there’s nothing wrong, by the way, with a blogger, celebrity, influencer doing the sponsored tweets, snaps, instagram, by all means do it. But be honest with yourself and be honest with everyone else.”

What do you guys think of Pippa’s comments?






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