From Chilly Outfits To Excess Fringing: The Dos And Don’ts Of Dressing For An Irish Festival

Whether it's impractical footwear or bare legs battling Irish weather, our fashion team correct some of the biggest festival fashion misdemeanours and share their tips for getting it right.


A mecca for both music and fashion lovers alike, festivals have long been an outlet for good music, good times and, in recent more years, flower crowns.

And while there’s no denying that Kate’s Hunter boot/denim cut-offs combo was once a winner, nor that Native American headdresses and henna tattoos have their rightful place, it’s fair to say that when it comes to the often rainy and muddy landscape of the Irish festival, it’s practicality that counts.

With that in mind, our fashion team have pulled together a few quick guidelines for making sure your festival style isn’t just on point, it’s practical too.

Don’t compromise your style

While we’re all for breaking out of our comfort zones, we reckon camping for three days in the rain is enough character building for one weekend. Stick to your own personal style, it’s pretty ace already. If your idea of hell, is sequins and sparkles, then steer clear. A cooler,more chic look, will suit you way better. Although, if glitter is your thing, we ain’t no haters…


Jacket, €93, Nasty Gal



Jacket, €84.50, Asos

Do try throwback trends

There’s a reason why Woodstock still hits hard in the style stakes. Held in 1969, the event was on the cusp of one of the most amazing decades of fashion ever. Influencing catwalks year in year out, the 70’s have prevailed and this year is looking better than ever. So spread a little peace and love this festival season and go boho chic.


Dress, €39.90, Missguided


Dress, €74, Forever 21

Don’t forget your wellies

We’re all for punchy detail and colour (really we are) but when it comes to trudging about in the mud all weekend, we reckon it’s better to go for a decent reliable pair of wellies over a cute patterned pair from Penneys. Invest in a trusty pair that won’t suddenly split half way through the second day. If you ask us, you can’t put a price on keeping your feet dry.


Wellies, €183.09, Hunter



Wellies, €28.17, Asos

Do cover up

We hate to come over all ‘mammy’ on you, but you’ll catch your death out there in nothing but a crop top and hot pants. A reminder: festivals can get cold. Like, really cold, so do yourself a favour and add a little insulation to your #ootd. Layers are where it’s at ladypal. You’ll thank us when you’re trudging back to your tent past midnight with the wind whipping at your shins.


Raincoat, €103, Glamorous


Duster Jacket, €110, Topshop