How To Pee In A Playsuit

Y'know, without getting fully naked in the ladies' loos.

Woman wearing a romper

You are the height of glamour. Flawless, as you lounge nonchalantly at the bar, drink in hand, smile plastered to your face. To the naked eye you appear to truly have it all, but at the back of your mind anxiety burns.

Anxiety which started as a flicker, easily ignored as you cheerfully accepted the second round. But as the minutes pass, the flicker grows. And before you know it, you’ve got a raging fire on your hands. Why? Because you are wearing a playsuit and you need to pee.

Public bathrooms don’t tend to hit high on our list of happy places, and when wearing a playsuit or a jumpsuit, even less so. At STELLAR we are too familiar with the trials and tribulations of onesie wearing. But girl we’ve got your back!

Behold, our guide on how to pee when you’re wearing a romper…

The playsuit:

Short and sweet, we’ve all been seduced by a playsuit at one time or another. Possessing all the poise of a dress, without running the risk of any Britney-esque repercussions, the playsuit is a Saturday night staple. But when the going gets tough and the bladder gets full, how can you pee without losing composure?

Pull it aside. No, seriously. An oldie but a goodie, this little tip is vital to saving time and effort. We had our doubts too, but with a little concentration and some savvy hand placement, if you simply move the shorts of your playsuit to one side, you’ll be guaranteed a speedy, carefree bathroom break.

The Jumpsuit:

The oldest trick in the book, the jumpsuit is the lazy girl’s guide to an on point outfit. Other than, say putting on your shoes, once your jumpsuit is on, it’s on. Until it isn’t.
The problem with your jumpsuit is that, unlike your trousers, which can elegantly drape around your ankles mid-stream, the excess material of the top can run the risk of contact with the bathroom floor. And whether it is cocktails at The Dean or shots at Dicey’s, the germs on a toilet floor are the same – rotten.

So what’s a girl to do? Get naked.

Sounds extreme? It’s not. What is extreme is the grub your ensemble will be swimming in if you let it hit the floor. So, as if you would in the privacy of your own home, strip down and hang it up. Most public toilets have a hook on the back of the door, or at least a door to drape it over. So hang it up, sit back, relax and do your business. And, if time allows, take the time to commend yourself on such a smooth ladies’ room manoeuvre.

So now you that you know not put it to the test with one of these gorgeous 5 onesies, all under €50!

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By Sinead O’Reilly.


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