My Male Housemate Dressed Me For A Week And This Is What Happened

When you let your male housemate loose in your wardrobe be prepared to feel uncomfortable AF.

Maybe not the style for me, eh?

Maybe not the style for me, eh?

When I asked my best friend/ housemate Ciaran to dress me for a week he replied with a creepily happy smile and I knew I would regret asking him. For a guy who mostly wears sweat pants and hoodies he was getting very excited about the prospect of looking through my (extremely messy) wardrobe.

Ahead of the experiment, Ciaran asked me a number of questions like ‘do you have a dress code at work’ and ‘do I need to go anywhere after the office this week?’ He was gearing up for some mad looking outfits.

My go-to style consists of jeans, converse and a top so when he pulled out the LBD I wore once two years ago I died a little inside.

After three hours (yes, three full hours) he had five outfits ready to show me proudly.


deskostuOn Monday morning I was heading to a press event so I wanted to look semi normal. Ciaran got very excited and pulled out my new silver bomber from Zara. This little outfit, he proudly told me is called Desko Stu – ‘For the girl who works hard, but plays harder.’ I felt really confident when I was wearing this until I walked down the street and quickly realised that this skirt was too big and kept riding up my back and twisting to the side which made me look like I didn’t know how to dress myself. Thank God I was wearing tights that’s all I can say.



For the rest of the week I had no events to attend so Ciaran could let his creativity flow. This outfit he called ‘Orange You Glad You Asked Me To Be Your Stylist’ and my heart dropped when I saw it.

I knew for a fact that the jeggings would be far too tight and that the top digs into my armpits like nobody’s business. And as for the pizza socks, WTF?

It was raining the day I wore this so I teamed it with a brown jacket. Needless to say I looked ridiculous. I felt super uncomfortable in this and took it off as soon as I got home.


kickingitbigThis outfit was tame compared to the rest and I felt great wearing it. The cute boots and cuffed jeans were really cool and I wouldn’t have thought of putting them together myself, so I had to give a high five to Ciaran for this one. He called this outfit Kicking It Big – ‘For the girl who ain’t takin’ nuthin from nobody’. Er, okay Ciaran.



For this experiment, I allowed myself one veto and when Ciaran pulled out a figure-hugging black mini dress for me to wear into the office, I knew I needed to use it. (Side note: Its name, Wednesday Ah-Daaayums – “For the serious chick with fun socks” did make me laugh though.)

As soon as I put this outfit on I knew I couldn’t wear it to work; it was just too tight and short, so Ciaran picked out this red dress instead. I then regretted the pizza I had the night before, food baby alert! This dress flowed as I walked which made me feel pretty slick.



The last day of the experiment had finally come. I left my favourite outfit until last, or so I thought. The pants were VERY tight on my hips. I also should have shaved my legs. Oops. It was the outfit that was most like something I would wear so I didn’t arouse any suspicion in the office that day. Ciaran named this one The G’s Knees – “For the girl’s girl”.

After five days of wearing outfits my housemate picked out for me I learned a number of things:

  1. People will compliment you when you wear something different.
  2. I need to wear jeans less.
  3. Pizza socks are not for me.
  4. I need to appreciate the comfort of runners more.

So it turns out getting someone to raid your wardrobe and pick out some outfits that they think will suit you is not such a bad idea. It pushes you to wear items together that are out of your comfort zone. Sure they are all my clothes but I wouldn’t put them together as a go-to look.

My favourite outfit was Desko Stu from Monday. Sure I kept fidgeting with my skirt all day but I felt cool AF.

That said, I think I’ll be making my own fashion choices from here on in. Soz, Ciaran.

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