What Not To Wear To A Wedding: The Mistakes Irish Women Make

Wedding outfits can be tricky to get right but we've got occasion wear licked with this handy guide in association with New Look.

It’s that time of year again when the wedding invites are a plenty and your wardrobe is bare. Choosing what to wear to those all important nuptials can be a tricky decision, and as well as catering to your own tastes, you also need to make sure your outfit fits the dress code.

Linking back to our Elegant Occasion Wear special in this month’s mag, we’ve taken to our favourite high street store New Look to find the bits that’ll help you avoid those all too common wedding outfit blunders, whether it’s wearing white or getting sore feet before the evening’s even begun.

Mistake 1: Uncomfortable shoes

Those stacked heels are all very well and good until it’s 11.30pm and you’ve already got stinging painful feet. Instead of flinging off your shoes, pack a comfy pair of sandals in your clutch to change into. Not your thing? Opt for a chunkier pair of heels instead. We love these:

€39.99, New Look

Mistake 2: Too much black

Here at STELLAR our everyday wardrobes are packed full of black but for a happy occasion like a wedding, too much of it can seem a tad morbid. Instead, opt for black-based patterns or florals. Like this form-fitting number:

€44.99, New Look

Mistake 3: Revealing outfits

Nobody should detract from the bride so unless you want an argument on your hands, it might be wise to keep things slightly more on the demure side. Still want to show off your tan or your efforts down the gym in a figure-hugging dress? We love this:

€49.99, New Look

Mistake 4: Wearing white

Not wearing white is the golden rule for a guest at weddings but if you can’t resist wearing fashion’s lightest hue, why not break it up with some florals? We’re feeling this gorgeous floral number:

€44.99, New Look

Psst! Want more? Check out our Elegant Occasion Wear spread in association with New Look in the July issue of the mag. On shelves now! 

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