WIN! A Month’s Supply Of LifeLine Hangover Defence!

Hangovers be gone!

We’ve all had a wild night out only to suffer for it the next day.

Enter LifeLife Hangover Defence. It’s helping Irish consumers defend against the effects of a hangover since 2003. In December 2016, as well as a fresh new look being relaunched, the formulation has been upgraded and it’s now even more effective!

Everyone has their own magic remedy, be it a greasy fry up, pain killers, energy drinks, re-hydration products, etc., however all of these products are taken when the symptoms have already kicked in. LifeLine Hangover Defence is a defence product; it needs to be taken the night before a hangover sets in rather than alleviating the symptoms when you are already suffering.

LifeLine Hangover Defence is a unique food supplement specially formulated with Activated Charcoal which is highly effective in absorbing the congeners (by products of fermentation) found in alcoholic drinks, Aquamin a unique alkaline ingredient harvested from Kelp (seaweed) which contains Calcium and Magnesium and Vitamins B and C, which contribute to reduced tiredness and fatigue, improved energy release & mental performance. LifeLine for Wine also includes Milk Thistle Extract, a traditional herb often recommended for liver function.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a month’s supply of LifeLine Hangover Defence up for grabs.

Want it? Here’s how to enter…

*LifeLine is available from leading pharmacies nationwide as well as many SuperValu and Centra stores.

*Remember a hangover can be a symptom of excessive alcohol consumption, always drink responsibly.

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