Awks! Katy Perry Was Snapped With Quinoa In Her Teeth On The Red Carpet

But she handled it like a pro, of course.

Most of us have had a morto moment or two when it comes to fashion and beauty faux pas. Fortunately, not being part of the Hollywood elite means that our slip-ups usually go unnoticed and aren’t snapped by waiting paps and put on blast to thousands of people across the globe on the internet.

Keeping her awkward sitch private wasn’t a luxury Katy Perry was afforded on the weekend, unforch.

Nope, the star rocked up to the iHeartRadio awards red carpet and posed for photos, showing off her brand new breakup hair do.

Sadly for Katy Perry she also showed off something else: er, what she had for lunch.

Yep, the singer was snapped with bits of quinoa stuck between her teeth. Happens to the best of us KP!

Thankfully, Katy handled it like the gas bitch we know and love, by sharing a close up snap of her teeth – quinoa ‘n’ all – on her Instagram.

“Currently taking applications for real friends who aren’t afraid to tell me there’s quinoa in my teeth,” she captioned the snap.

Oh Katy, never change


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