Subscription offer, July issue 2017

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This month our first fifty subscribers get their hands on the latest KEVIN.MURPHY wunder product: SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, a shine and repairing mist designed to treat and repair dull, lifeless blonde and grey hair. KEVIN.MURPHY is known for utilising skincare technology to create personalised solutions for every hair type, and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE delivers. It’s got a unique, weightless approach to enhance colour and create luminosity, counteract yellow tones while simultaneously restoring hair to its former glory.

An industry expert with over twenty years in fashion and beauty, Kevin Murphy has dedicated his career to creating top quality haircare solutions. Expanding on the success of SHIMMER.SHINE, his latest innovation addresses the maintenance required for upkeep of lighter shades that are vulnerable to breakage due to heat styling.

Mica, a Silicate Crystal that is often used for glowing skin, and to counteract redness and diminish dark circles, is used in the groundbreaking formula and the reflective qualities act like thousands of tiny mirrors on your hair. Dull is a word you won’t be saying after this.

Offer is not available in conjunction with any other price promotional offers or cut-price subscriptions. Gift will be sent separately within 30 days of your first issue. Gift offer is only open to residents of the Republic of Ireland and NI. To subscribe elsewhere, email or tel: +353 (01) 687 7444 for a quote.

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