Cara Delevingne Changed Her Hair Again And We’re Absolutely OBSESSED With It

New hair, who dis?

Cara Delevingne is very experimental when it comes to her hair and she’s tried everything from long blonde waves to a fully shaved, ‘nothing left’ ‘do. But it’s her latest look that’s giving us major heart eyes.

The 25-year-old debuted her new brunette style in an Instagram video yesterday, and she can be seen wearing a black minidress, opening a cardboard box full of her new book, Mirror Mirror.

The model’s new dark pixie cut makes her famously thick eyebrows pop even more than usual, and her bold eye make-up just accentuates the drama. We’re obsessed.

It's finally here!! Can't wait for you all in the UK to get yours too. Pre-order is still available in the US.

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What do you think of Cara’s new look?

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