Forget Bleaching! Apparently The Answer To Pearly White Teeth Is Lurking In Your Spice Rack

Even though it might make you smell like a curry.

Celebrity smiles are something of a mystery. Just how do they get them so white? (Answer: Veneers, probably. Sigh.)

Sadly, for us mere mortals getting a mega bright smile isn’t so easy and we’ll often opt for over-the-counter or order-’em-online fixes that can be both damaging and ineffective.

If that sounds familiar, then you might want to look to blogger Farah Dhukai who says that the secret to A-list white teeth is already in your spice rack.

6 At-Home Teeth Whitening Hacks For Your Brightest Smile Ever

Her whitening holy grail? Turmeric.

Yep, this saintly spice has been credited with everything from curing skin woes to boosting overall health and now it’s been hailed as the latest teeth whitener.

But, um, given that the colourful spice stains everything from our clothes to our fingers, how exactly does it work at removing stubborn discolouration from our teeth?

GET WHITE TEETH INSTANTLYYYYYY! 😁🐚💎 You need: ✅1tbs coconut oil ✅A pinch of turmeric 🔸mix the coconut oil and turmeric together to create a paste 🔸brush your teeth with the coconut oil and turmeric paste 🔸let sit on ur teeth for 5 mins 🔸rinse mouth and brush teeth as u normally would with ur regular toothpaste 👉🏽Do this as often as you can and you’ll get a brighter, whiter smile! No more chemicals! 😃 #damnfarahbackatitagainwiththeturmeric 👌🏾this is NOT a joke it REALLY WORKS! Yes the turmeric is yellow but once u rinse it off you’ll have brighter teeth instantly! The turmeric does NOT stain your teeth! ❤️❤️ #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #vegas_nay #diytop #diy #makegirlz #makegirlzvid

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Farah gives her followers the rundown, simply mixing together a spoonful of turmeric with a little coconut oil, brushing it on to her teeth and revealing a whiter smile five minutes later. Magic!

Sure, we don’t really get the science behind it, but it’s worth a try, right?


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