People Are Getting Their Fingers Pierced Instead Of Wearing Engagement Rings

Readers with weaker stomachs may want to look away. :(

Over the past few years there’s been a growing trend among brides-to-be of shunning traditional engagement rings in favour of less showy alternatives.


Usually, you’d take ‘alternative engagement rings’ to mean cheaper, more colourful gemstones and unusual shapes – but how about finger piercings?

Microdermal piercings on fingers are getting pretty popular as of late, and now some brides-to-be are choosing to have them done instead of wearing engagement rings.

RIP .. you were well loved … maybe we will meet again 😩😩😩😂, ripped my favorite piercing out already lol. 🤷🏽‍♀️ ———————————————————— Pierced by: @101bradlee from @101piercing ————————————————————- Nails by Michelle from: @lv_nails_oceanside ————————————————————- Photo creds: @rachelelaceyphotography ————————————————————— #101Piercing #Encinitas #Piercings #piercing #AnchorPiercing #FingerPiercing #piercinglover #piercinglife #piercingshop #piercinggirl #piercingaddict #piercinglove #piercing #momswithpiercings #pierced #piercedgirl #piercedgirls #piercedandproud #dermal #dermals #anchor #anchorpiercing #bodypiercing #bodyjewlery

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There are several videos of fingers being pierced available to watch and while we’ll protect the more squeamish among us by not linking to them here, yep, it looks painful. And like all piercings, if you do choose to get it done, you have to mind it like a little baby.

A quick look through the Instagram hashtag #fingerpiercing shows stories of dermal finger piercings getting infected, or caught on things, or ripped out… So it may be wise to treat the piercing as seriously as you would your relationship. *shudder*


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