The Latest Beauty Trend Involves Putting Toothpaste On Your Boobs & We’re Intrigued

Yep… you heard that right.

We’re all for the next weird and wonderful trend to try out that might help us to age that little bit more gracefully –¬†or keep our teeth, hair, skin, nails etc shining – but even we’re not sure about this one.

Toothpaste…. on your diddies.

So we know you’re already glancing sideways at your tube of Colgate – but at least wait until you hear the potential benefits of having minty tits for days.

According to Youtube page ‘Editorial NaturalBeauty556’ – the toothpaste- along with some other questionable ingredients – helps to firm up sagging boobs in just five days.

I mean… we’re more than willing to give it a go if you are?


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