Kim Kardashian’s Go-To Skincare Product Costs Only €12.50!

We know what she uses for all over hydration.

Kim Kardashian

She may be reeling in the big bucks (She reportedly earns up to €48,000 per tweet after all) and have the pick of the most pricey designer products, but that doesn’t mean Kimmy K doesn’t rely on budget beauty products to look her best too.

In fact, we’ve just found out what she uses for all over hydration and it costs only €12.50.

In a post on her website Kim revealed “I love Bio Oil! It’s cheap. I put it all over my body.”

Bio Oil

The STELLAR team love it too as it helps to combat scarring, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even improve uneven skin tone.

Among Kim’s other budget beauty picks are Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, €9.99, and Maybellline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundatin, €11.99.


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