The Top 5 Beauty Lessons We’ve Learnt from Irish Beauty Bloggers

From application tips to product recommendations, these beauty bloggers have taught us some deadly beauty tricks we just can't live without.

When we’ve had a beauty disaster or we just need some sterling make-up tips, we always turn to our favourite beauty bloggers for advice. Luckily, here in Ireland, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to blogging talent, and those skilful bloggers have influenced our beauty routines in more ways than we can imagine.

Here are five deadly things they’ve taught us.

1. You shouldn’t always believe the hype

Sinead from The Beautiful Truth makes it her mission to provide honest and to-the-point reviews of stacks of beauty products, from budget to high-end. The lesson? Sometimes even the highest rated products don’t live up to the hype.

2. Sometimes less is more

Being a beauty blogger doesn’t mean wearing layers upon layers of heavy foundation, or overdrawing your brows. Nope, Chloe Boucher has taught us how we can achieve a pared-back look with the minimum amount of time, and still look fabulous.

3. Contouring can be quick

Reckon it takes hours to get Kim K-worthy contouring? Er, wrong. Irish blogging supremo Suzanne Jackson shows us how to achieve perfect facial contouring in a mere 10 minutes – perfect for gals on the go.

4. It’s all in the arch when it comes to brows

There’s not a girl in Ireland who doesn’t know the difference a shapely pair of brows can make to her face. Luckily, Hearts, Heels And Handbags blogger Rosie Connolly gives us a step-by-step guide to achieving her enviable brows and getting that arch just right.

5. Smokey eyes don’t have to be boring

Just because a stunning smokey eye is your go-to make-up look doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Make-up artist and blogger Sarah Cummins gives it a vibrant makeover by opting for purples instead of nudes – a gorgeous splash of colour for a night out.


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