These 10 Influencers Have Been Named The Most Powerful Beauty Bloggers In The World

There are a few familiar faces in there.

Glossy brand collaborations and millions of followers. These days blogging is big business and Forbes Magazine have released their first ever Top Influencers List, which includes 10 of the world’s most influential (and minted) beauty bloggers.

What’s more, Forbes also reveal that some of these lucky peeps are earning up to €285,000 per post. Woah.

Sadly, there are no Irish faces on the list (you were robbed, ladies) but there are plenty of other international names you’ll recognise from social media.

Here’s who made the cut:

1. Zoella

2. Michelle Phan

So ready for Autumn. 🍁

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3. Huda Kattan

4. Nikkie de Jager

5. Shannon Harris

Check out the full list here.

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