This Beauty Tool Is About To Be In Everyone’s Make-Up Bags – But, Um, What The Hell Is It?

You'll never waste any make-up again with this nifty little thing.

Make-Up Brushes

Beauty is an industry that’s constantly awash with new innovations.

How about serums that brighten as they firm, Clarins’ New Four All In One Pens or even the continual rise and rise of the humble blending sponge, huh?

Now there’s a new game-changing beauty tool making waves but at first blush you might just have a little bit of difficulty figuring out what it is.

Here’s a pic…

Beauty Blender
Sussed it out yet? Let us tell you.

This little fella is a blending tool called the Molly Cosmetics Silisponge and judging by the online demos, it looks hella impressive.

SiliSponge blending on my 39 y.o. skin…. 😉 #silisponge #clearsponge #blending #beautyblender #mollycosmetics

A video posted by M O L L Y C O S M E T I C S (@mollycosmetics) on

Another benefit of #silisponge is it works well with cushion foundation. No more wastage! #mollycosmetics

A video posted by M O L L Y C O S M E T I C S (@mollycosmetics) on

The best bit is that you won’t waste an make-up because unlike the standard sponge, your foundation won’t get absorbed up in the blender. In fact, the brand claims you’ll need just half the foundation you’d normally use.

Sounds only deadly, right?

Well sadly the sponge, which retails for $10 (roughly €9) is currently sold out but Molly Cosmetics promise it’ll be back in stock real soon. Hurrah!


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