Wow! Suzanne Jackson Just Revealed Where She’s Taking Her Beauty Range In The Next 2 Years And It Sounds Incredible

There's another exciting product in the works too!

You’ve got to hand it to Suzanne Jackson. Since starting her blog way back in 2010, she’s had a tonne of success, not just in the blogosphere, but also with several sellout beauty launches from her self-made beauty empire SOSU.

Now, speaking exclusively to our sister publication VIP Magazine, the Dublin-native, has revealed exactly where she’s planning to take the SOSU brand next and it sounds only epic.

First up, she has an exciting launch on the way.

“I have a stunning eyeshadow palette coming down the tracks,” she explains in VIP’s April issue, on shelves tomorrow. “It should be out late summer. It was something I always wanted to do, but I wanted it to be really high quality and pigmented so I’ve been working on it for 12 months.”

The eyeshadow palette will add to Suzanne’s current beauty range which already compromises lashes, beauty blenders, a highlighter kit, a contour kit and nail polishes.

As for her end goal, well, Suzanne’s got massive goals for the future.

“Ultimately, I want fully-stocked SOSU by SJ Stores with makeup to body care, all over Ireland and rolled out into the UK by 2019. That’s the end goal – the ultimate girly one-stop-shop.”

Knowing Suzanne’s drive, business acumen and ability to relate to the Irish girl’s beauty needs, we’ve no doubt she’ll do all of that and more.

Full exclusive interview and photoshoot in the April issue of VIP Magazine, out in shops tomorrow.

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