“Are We Not Meant To F*cking Eat?!”: Topshop Slammed For Using Mannequins That Are ‘Too Skinny’

"Look at them, I am so angry."

A furious mother took to Facebook to share her daughter’s reaction to a Topshop window display, and other people are sharing in her fury. Zoe Mason and her eldest daughter believe the mannequins are too thin-looking, and are sending out a negative message to young girls about body image.

In the post, she said:

“My Biggest Girl went into town with her friend after school yesterday. They went around the shops to try to find a birthday present for another friend of theirs. I was quite taken aback when the first things that tumbled out of my girl’s mouth were words full of crossness. She thrust her phone under my nose and showed me this picture and said,

“Look at that, Mum! I mean just LOOK at it. Me and M couldn’t believe it as we walked past! I mean, it’s not surprising that so many of my friends think they are fat or just don’t like their bodies. Are girls not meant to be happy whatever size they are? Are we not meant to even f*cking EAT?! I like food. I like to eat good food but LOOK AT THEM, I am so ANGRY. I am never shopping there. TOPSHOP need to hear the things I hear when girls talk. It’s places like that making my friends think their bodies aren’t beautiful and that they shouldn’t eat food they love and it makes me want to scream.”

“Amen baby. Amen. Who’s up for screaming in anger with me and my girl?”

My Biggest Girl went into town with her friend after school yesterday. They went around the shops to try to find a…

Posted by Zoë Mason on Thursday, March 30, 2017

People who share Zoe’s anger towards Topshop have since commented beneath her Facebook post.

One woman said, “They look like victims of famine! It’s not a good look for girls!”

While another said,”Shame on You #Topshop.”

What do you think of the brand’s mannequins?

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