Kim Kardashian Showed Off Her New Lip Piercing On Snapchat Last Night And It’s Divided Fans

It's a different look for Kimmy K.

Kim Kardashian

After her three-month social media hiatus, Kim Kardashian is well and truly back and has been Tweeting, Instagramming and snapping up a storm since her return to the internet on October 3rd.

Last night, the KUWTK star took to Snapchat to share her first selfie, and though she looked as groomed and put together as always, she did show off one subtle change to her appearance: a lip ring.

Eagle-eyed fans will note that this isn’t the first time Kimmy has been spotted with her new piercing. She featured in sister Khloe’s snaps at Kris’s Christmas Eve Party wearing the lip ring too.

Kim and Khloe

And it seems the internet has ~feelings~ about Kim’s new look.

Some love it…

 Others hate it…

With no other piercings (except for her ears. Who can forget the diamond earring lost in the ocean fiasco of 2011?) and no tatts that we know of, the lip ring is certainly a daring new look for her.

Whatever your thoughts though, reports say Kim’s new lip bling is only a clip on, so in true Kimmy style it’ll likely be gone and a new look ushered in in a about a week or so.

Sigh. We just can’t keep up.


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