11 Irish People Who Just Couldn’t Cope With The Back-To-Work Fear Today

January 3rd, why must you be so cruel?

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Christmas is over. New Year’s is over. Grand, there’s still Nollaig na mBan if that’s your bag, but for the most part, the festive season is done and dusted. WAAAH.

Basically the entire country went back to work today, and it wasn’t an easy ride, judging by the look of our Twitter timelines…

Fairytale Of New York can’t help us now.


The fear started yesterday for most of us.


At least your day didn’t start as early as this poor gal, right?

But no matter what time you arrived at the office, you no doubt had the obligatory ‘WHAT DO I DO NOW?’ panic.


Not to mention the bank account-induced anxiety.


And the ‘Why does January have to have 31 days?’ depression.


The worst part about an office that’s been closed for two weeks? It’s effing freezing.


Even yesterday’s bank holiday didn’t help. It just messed up everyone’s internal calendar.


Is there even any point in bothering to look ‘refreshed’ after the Christmas ‘break’?


Tbh, we kinda agree with this guy
*punches wall*


Look at it this way though, at least you HAD some time off…


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