#MotivationalMonday: Get Through The Week With Our Daily Inspo

Every Monday, STELLAR dishes up the mantras to motivate you through another seven days. We know right? We're bleedin' rappa.


Monday: when forgetting to be awesome could have dire consequences.


Tuesday: cos if anyone knows, it’s Marilyn.


Okay, okay, not so motivational – but Wednesday. Blah. May it pass quickly…


Less is a bore! (Except when it comes to contouring…) #tigerstripes


Because it’s FRIDAY! Or, as we like to call it, Fri-yay!


So if someone’s really, really annoying you – kick ’em. Or, y’know, rise above. (Rise above.)


Getting a good nights’ sleep on Sunday = tackling the week with gusto! You go, girl!


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