People Saying ‘Calm Down’ On Twitter When It Starts Snowing Should Be Outlawed

Can we LIVE?


If you live in Leinster or the midlands you might have noticed your commute to work was especially chilly today.

Thanks to a full-on winter cold front, there was snow and sleet in various parts of the country this morning, lasting around 30 minutes in total. This is Ireland though, so there was still enough rain to prevent the snow from sticking. BOO.

Some people got excited at the thought of a White November.

Others were miffed that they had to deal with the bitter cold of snow, but without a full-on white landscape as a reward.

And some folks – the true spoilsports – were annoyed at the very mention of “snow” on their social media feeds.

It wasn’t all bad news though – the snow did stick in certain higher parts of the county. Hurrah!

Did you spot snow this morning? Tweet us your pictures @stellarmagazine!


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