12 Gloriously Quirky Decorations To Put On Your Christmas Tree This Year

Why have a plain old bauble when you could have DISCO SANTA!

Baubles are so over. Tinsel? Eh. This year, we’re all about Christmas decorations shaped like dinosaurs, donuts, and our pop culture obsessions.

Former STELLAR editor Kirstie McDermott is the queen of quirky decorations – she documents her growing collection on her Instagram, and to be honest, we can’t wait to see her tree.

Inspired by Kirstie, we’ve sourced 12 beautifully gaudy Christmas decorations that will breathe new life into your battered old tree.

Sausage dog angel, €2 from Tiger


Soy sauce bauble, £6 from ASOS

For the stir fry addict.

Santy French bulldog, €5 from Dunnes

Doesn’t he look very smart in his coat?

Rainbow, €2 from Penneys

If you’re not willing to go full kitsch, this cute rainbow is a lovely little stepping stone.

Margarita glass, €9 from Debenhams

But if you want to throw yourself headfirst into the kitsch, may we suggest the MARGARITA GLASS?

Flip phone, £6 from ASOS

A little nostalgia for every 2000s girl who craved a Motorola Razr.

Turtle with presents on his back, €2 from Tiger

Such a good turtle carrying all those presents. Love him.

Cotton candy stall, €2 from Penneys

Too cute, gonna die.

Christmas cactus, €5 from Dunnes

All cacti should be Christmas cacti.

Burger, €1.50 from Dealz


Disco Santa, £6 from ASOS

He’s got the moves, alright.

Christmas Labrador, €7 from Dunnes

Such a Good Boy!


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