Get Your PJs Ready! The First Pictures Of Tonight’s Toy Show Set Are Here

Roll on 9.35pm.

Picture: Andres Poveda

Picture: Andres Poveda

Before Christmas can really and truly begin, we need to see Ryan Tubridy in a Christmas jumper fumbling with some kind of remote control dinosaur whose batteries won’t work. On live TV.

That moment comes tonight, in the form of The Late Late Toy Show, which kicks off on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Ahead of the big evening, RTÉ have released some snaps of the set, which this year is Jungle Book themed, and it looks as magical as ever. This year’s line-up of toy testers and performers is bigger than ever, with 320 children set to take part, the youngest aged just four. Though judging by these pics, the four-year old has some competition.

Picture: Andres Poveda

Picture: Andres Poveda

The opening performance is usually a big’un, and RTÉ have confirmed that this year it’ll feature 72 performers and will “take The Late Late Toy Show outside the studio to include other parts of the RTÉ campus.” We’re taking that to mean the Six One news set, the Winning Streak set and the RTÉ canteen.

This year’s set, designed by Marcella Power and Catherine Sorg, has been “months in the planning” and features work by students from IADT Dun Laoghaire and Waterford’s Spraoi festival. 

Picture: Andres Poveda

Picture: Andres Poveda

If you can’t quite wait until 9.35pm, you can tune in live on RTÉ One’s Facebook page from 8pm, where Baz Ashmawy will be going behind the scenes for The Late Late Toy Show: The Final Countdown.


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