These 10 Influencers Have Been Named The Most Powerful Fitness Stars In The World

They're a recognisable bunch.

On Tuesday, Forbes Magazine released its first ever list of the 30 most influential social media stars in the world, including 10 of the most powerful beauty bloggers (listed here) and 10 of the biggest fitness stars.

Among this lean-limbed bunch are more than a few recognisable faces.

Here’s who made the cut…

1.Kayla Itsines

2.Jennifer Selter

Look back at it 👀

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3.Emily Skye

I went about 10 or 11 days without training and I was going crazy from being so inactive (I need it for my mental health haha). I had my wisdom teeth taken out & have a dry socket (ouch) 😩 so I wasn’t able to do much. I’ve been eating really healthy though…fish & steamed soft veggies have been my staples! Luckily I’ve still maintained my leanness. It just shows that what you eat is really important for not only your health but for maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. I have to admit though, I can’t wait to get back into training hard again! 😝 I’ve been a couple of times now, slowly getting back into it! I’m off to LA next week for a really big fitness shoot and want to feel my best for it so I’m just doing the best I can right now. ☺ Things happen that are out of our control but all we can do is the best we can with what we’ve got at the time. It could always be worse! I hope your week is going well so far! ☺ X Em.

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4.Michelle Lewin

Off cruisin’ 🛳🎉👋🏻 #duckfacingmuch? #yep #guiltyAF

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5.Joe Wicks

Doing a photo shoot today for a cover of a magazine. I can’t wait 😬 Any guesses what magazine it might be? 📸

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Check out the full list here.

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