Adorbs! These €7 Disney PJs From Penneys Are The Cutest Way To Make It Through Winter

We need these in our lives, like, yesterday.


Last week we were pretty darn excited when Penneys teamed up with RTE to launch their new Toy Show-themed pyjamas.

This week, Penneys have yet again proven themselves king of sleepwear with another ridiculously cute pyjama offering.

This time around it’s the high-street brand’s new Disney PJ collection we’re lusting after.

Penneys call it ‘their magical Disney starter kit’ and claim it’ll ‘transform you from a sleepy-headed slumber sloth, to a charming pyjama princess in seconds’.

Sound good? Yeah, we thought so too.

In true Penneys fashion, all of the collection checks out at budget-friendly price points, with prices starting at a purse-happy €7.

We’re racing there on our lunch break to stock up. Here’s what’s on offer…


Night shirt, €12


PJ tee, €7


Leggings, €10


Top €9


Leggings, €10


Night shirt, €12


Top, €7


Pyjama bottoms, €10


Night shirt, €12


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