Do You Love Gin Enough To Want Tesco’s Gin And Elderflower Easter Egg?

It exists, it's notions to the max, and weirdly, we're intrigued?

Via Pexels

Now, we know that gin is the drink of the moment. But gin and elderflower-flavoured chocolate? We’re not sure.

Easter is fast approaching (it’s on April 1 this year, guys) and Tesco has potentially just released the egg of the year.

Via Tesco

Yep, that’s a Gin and Elderflower Easter egg. From the Finest range, if you don’t mind. Would you have a gin and tonic with it, or would that be overkill?

The notions don’t stop with the egg, either – the treat in the middle is six ‘smooth, creamy’ gin and elderflower truffles. You’ll be completely sozzled by the end of it.

The egg is €10.99, and is available in stores and online now. Would you try it?


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