Here’s How Much Kim Kardashian Earns Per Tweet

We're in the wrong job, lads.


Okay, we admit it we’re totally obsessed and addicted to anything and everything Kardashian-related. They’re total pros at make-up, hair, beauty and fitness A.K.A everything we love!

They’re also pros at social media. After all, Kim K alone racks up an impressive 42.2 million followers on Twitter and the earning potential she garners from that is seriously envy-inducing.

Are you ready for this?

The money Kim can earn from a One. Single. Tweet. is (drum roll, please…) between €39,922 and €48,794.

Yes, that’s right, Kim Kardashian makes more than your annual take-home pay for writing 140 characters or less. Sigh.

This figure came from a new tweet calculator created in honour of Twitter’s 10th birthday by Webfluential. It’s free and uses algorithms to figure out the net worth of every tweet. You can even go on and calculate your own, just y’know, don’t expect Kim K level earnings.


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