*That BODY* Kylie Jenner Has Just Been Spotted For The First Time Since The Birth Of Baby Stormi

She looks great!

We haven’t seen much of Kylie Jenner in the last nine months, ever since rumours emerged that she was pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott.

However, Kylie ended her social media hiatus on the 4th of February, announcing her pregnancy and birth of her daughter, Stormi, all in one post.


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Although we’re still waiting for Kylie to get back to posting on her other social media accounts on the regular, she has been spotted out and about for the first time since the birth of baby Stormi.

@kyliejenner out in LA – 10, February 2018 #kyliejenner

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Kylie was pictured climbing out of her car with best friend Jordyn, while wearing black cycling pants and a white cropped jacket.

The sighting comes just days after news broke that Kylie’s ex, rapper Tyga, has claimed he could be the father of baby Stormi. A source told Radar Online that Tyga is demanding a paternity test, saying “Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his.”

“Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his”.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Tyga and the 20-year-old reality star split last April. When the first reports of Kylie’s rumoured pregnancy broke in September, Tyga shared a news article on Snapchat where he wrote “Hell nah that’s my kid”, which he later deleted.

Travis Scott is listed as the father on Stormi’s birth certificate.

Do you think Tyga could be Stormi’s dad?


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