Um, What? Cheryl’s Bizarre Outfit Combo Has Left Us Baffled

"Love ya Cheryl but what's going on with this outfit?"

Cheryl took a break from mummy duties yesterday to make an appearance at a BGC Charity Day in London, and her outfit choice for the event is, um, different.

The 34-year-old wore an asymmetric Balenciaga skirt (worth over Β£700!) that’s short on one side and long on the other, with thigh-high plaid boots.

She paired these with a black, printed t-shirt, cinched in at the waist by a black, leather Gucci belt.

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Fans (and team STELLAR) are confused by the whole ensemble. It’s unlike anything she’s ever worn before, and it’s all a bit random.

One person tweeted, β€œI think Cheryl is beautiful but gawd what is she wearing…😳 Β I’d take it back, the skirts all torn..πŸ€£β€, while another said, “Cheryl’s outfit is confusing me… is it half a skirt and long thigh/knee high boots or the trouser/skirt combo like πŸ€” “.

A third fan wrote, “Love ya Cheryl but what’s going on with this outfit? πŸ‘€ “.

What do you make of the star’s style?

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