Vogue Williams Accidentally Revealed Her Baby’s Gender Live On TV Last Night

We love a good gender reveal!

Vogue Williams accidentally told everyone she’s having a baby boy on live TV last night.

Vogue was a panellist on last night’s episode of Cutting Edge on RTE, and while discussing her pregnancy fitness routine, she basically revealed her baby’s gender.

Talking to host Brendan O’Connor, Vogue said that she’s been receiving quite a bit of abuse online for continuing to keep fit throughout her pregnancy, and referenced the size of her baby, comparing him/her to the size of an heirloom tomato.

“Is he happy in there now on television?” Brendan asked, to which Vogue replied:

“Yeah, he’s delighted with himself!”

Brendan was delighted with Vogue’s slip, saying: “Is he!? So it’s a boy?”

Vogue seemed pretty annoyed at herself to have let the gender slip that easily, laughing and holding her head in her hands:

So it looks like Vogue and her fiancé Spencer Matthews have a bouncing baby boy on the way… adorable!


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