Watch: Bella Hadid Had ANOTHER Awkward Runway Encounter With Her Ex The Weeknd

They really need to stop meeting like this.

Nothing will erase the memory of Bella Hadid coming face to face with her ex boyfriend The Weeknd on the Victoria’s Secret runway back in December. NOTHING.

Bella had only recently split from her fella at the time, and for all its terrible awkwardness, we couldn’t help but feel it was probably something the exes were best getting out of the way early.

Of course, at that point we didn’t forsee it happening again.

In a total case of ‘we need to stop meeting like this’ Bella again ran into her ex on the runway, this time at the H&M Spring/Summer show.

Thankfully, this time it wasn’t quite as awkward, as Bella’s ex was situated on a stage just off the catwalk and not in her line of vision.

Here’s the vid. Our favourite moment? When Bella exchanges a knowing look with her sister Gigi. Check it out…

That look you give your sister and she just knows @bellahadid @gigihadid @hm #pfw

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