‘He Is Supposed To Be Here’ Ariana Grande Responds To Video Of Mac Miller Listening To Her Album

A fan screen recorded one of Mac's Instagram Live videos from August 9th - a month before his death.

Ariana Grande has emotionally responded to an Instagram Live video of the late Mac Miller listening to her album.

A fan screen recorded one of Mac’s Instagram Live videos from August 9th – a month before his death. In the video, Mac can be heard listening to Ariana’s single ‘R.E.M’ from her latest album ‘Sweetener’.

Mac can be heard saying: “Is this promoting the album, is that what I’m doing?”

Ariana has responded to the emotional video with a series of tweets, initially thanking the poster for finding it.

Ariana then gets emotional about her late ex-boyfriend, tweeting about his voice, laugh, and how he is supposed to be alive.

Mac died of an accidental drug overdose in September, just three months after his split from Ariana.

Ariana has been clearly distraught over his death, ending her brief relationship with fiancé Pete Davidson soon after. She referenced her late ex-boyfriend in her most recent single, ‘Thank you, next’, calling him an angel.


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