10 Of Kylie Jenner’s Best Lipstick Looks – EVER

She's got the most talked about mouth of, well, ever. We're paying homage to 10 of Kylie Jenner's hottest lip looks.

How will we remember beauty in 2015? Right now, it seems mostly for the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, which dominated beauty news in the first half of the year and sent sales of MAC’s Twig, Spice and Twirl soaring.

Kylie’s now-signature overdrawn pout inspired a feature in the August issue of STELLAR, and we promised you even more online, in the form of a gallery of some of her best ever lip looks. Enjoy!

1. Beginners lips

Is this the picture that started it all? A natural-looking Kylie’s starting to experiment with nude tones and overdrawing.

Kylie Jenner lipstick


2. The iconic look

The one that launched a thousand copycat blogposts.

Kylie Jenner lipstick

3. The peachy look

Matte, peach-toned, and is that baking we spy?

Kylie Jenner lipstick

4. The toned-down look

Pink and lightly-drawn.

Kylie Jenner lipstick

5. The natural look

With those peepers, we guess she doesn’t need much else, huh?

Kylie Jenner lipstick

6. The burgundy pout

A dramz nighttime statement.

Kylie Jenner lipstick


7. The glossy goodness

Channeling Kim?

Kylie Jenner lipstick


8. The goth look

And boy, does it work.

Kylie Jenner lipstick


9. The matteness

She’s sexy and she knows it.

Kylie Jenner lipstick


10. Launch night red

Pillarbox for her Nip+Fab launch party.

Kylie Jenner lipstick

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