15 Things You Need To Know Before Going For Your First Bikini Wax

It's not that big of a deal, honest.

Going for your first wax can be super nerve wracking – the idea of letting a complete stranger pour hot liquid on your lady bits is a weird one but yet, we still do it. The first time I ever got a wax down there was much like another first time of mine… I was extremely nervous, it hurt like hell and it was over before I knew it. Here’s what I learned from my first bikini wax and every downstairs wax I’ve had since.

1. Go for a patch test, seriously.

If it’s your first time getting waxed or you’re heading to a different salon than the one you normally go to, get a patch test. I find it best to get mine done when I go to book in anywhere new, it takes two seconds and this way you’ll be sure not to break out in any rashes. I dunno about you, but I’d rather a few little bumps on my arm to let me know I’m allergic to the wax than to wake up the next morning having my lady parts covered with red blemishes.

2. Let it grow.

Hair needs to be a quarter of an inch long to ensure it’s fully pulled from the root. It’s absolutely pointless to book in for a bikini wax when you just shaved a week ago. Not only is it going to be more painful, but you’re also not gonna get that freshly waxed sensation, because some of the hair will be too short to pull.

3. Be clean.

This goes for both before and after waxing. Have a shower a few hours before you go to get waxed and give yourself a proper clean. Most places will have wipes there so you can freshen up before the main event but I find what calms one of my many nerves is popping a mini pack of baby wipes in my bag just in case.

4. Don’t be scared.

There really is nothing to be scared about, it’s a common thing and waxers have seen it all. Just take a deep breath, drop your pants and hop onto the bed. I promise it’s not THAT bad.

5. Honesty is the best policy.

Let your waxer know it’s your first time. I remember the first time I went to get my lady garden sorted, I didn’t say so, and I stood there like a clueless awkward lemon until I eventually confessed I had no idea whether I kept my pants on or not. The second I told my beautician the truth, she put me right at ease telling me what to do and most importantly, calmed my nerves.

6. Pants or no pants?

Now, this can differ depending on your waxer’s preference, but what I’ve learned is that it’s easier to just leave them off. Don’t get me wrong, lying up on a salon bed butt naked is proper weird, and as a waxing regular, it doesn’t ever feel normal. You can wear a flowy mini skirt that’s easy to lift up, or place the provided towel over yourself if the thought of lying there with your bits out waiting for your waxer to get started really scares you.

7. Stretch.

Okay, you don’t actually need to be doing pre-workout stretches to prepare for your wax but if you’re getting anything other than a bikini wax, they’re gonna need to get at your bum. Bring those knees to your chest, ladies!

8. Yep, it hurts.

I’m sorry but I can’t lie. You’re having hundreds of teeny hairs on your vulva ripped out by hot wax. OW. But we all have different thresholds for pain – personally I think getting waxed is more painful than getting tattooed, but tons of my pals completely disagree with me.

9. Commitment is key.

Either you regularly wax or you regularly shave, you’re not Hannah Montana. Shaving doesn’t cut the hairs evenly so by the time you grow it back and head to the salon again, your hairs are going to be all over the place, making it a difficult task to get a smooth wax from your beautician. Also, the more you get waxed, the thinner the hair and smaller the hair bulb will be, meaning less pain.

10. Have the chats.

I know tons of people who just want to lie there and endure the pain in silence but for me, chatting distracts me from what’s actually going on. Think of a few conversation topics you can bring up. “Are you going anywhere on your holidays?” is a classic because it’s guaranteed chat.

11. Go for a wee.

Remember when you’d be playing tip the can as a kid and as soon as little Jimmy stopped counting you felt like you were gonna wee yourself? Well, that’s called having a nervous bladder and it can happen if you’re feeling scared. So play it safe yeah, go for a wee before you head in… just remember to freshen up after.

12. Wash your feet.

So many gals will be so worried that their lady parts are clean that they’ll forget about the rest of their body. Your feet are gonna be all up in your waxer’s grill with all the different positions you’ve to get your legs into, so scrub your feet and ditch the stinky socks.

13. No lotions or potions.

No applying any kind of product to the area for a minimum of 24 hours, unless your waxer recommends a soothing gel. You’re gonna be feeling extremely sensitive post-wax and the last thing your skin needs is for you to be slopping on a load of scented moisturiser. Also, skip that evening gym session. The less heat you bring to the body, the kinder it will be for your pores.

14. Wear loose clothing.

You don’t have to tell me twice to wear baggy comfy trousers over tight, restrictive bottoms. But in all seriousness, wearing tight trousers like workout leggings can cause friction which then leads to irritation, and you don’t want that.

15. There’s no judgment.

Honestly, you’re not the first nor are you going to be the last girl to go get her bits waxed. Your waxer has seen it all, so there’s nothing for you to feel embarrassed about. There’s no such thing as ‘too much hair’.

So listen up you first timers, you’ve got this. Waxing is a total pain in the arse – yes, I meant that literally – but there’s honestly nothing to be nervous about. Once I got my first bikini wax, I felt like a new woman and even became brave enough to go all the way and get a Hollywood. You will be grand, I swear.


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