17 Things You Will Understand If You Are A Hairy Woman

"God, you have loads of hair" - every hairdresser you've ever met.

Hi, it’s you.

1. You haven’t been able to go to the hairdresser without them saying “God you have loads of hair” since perhaps your birth

2. The amount of hair that comes out of your head on a daily basis is still frightening to you, and your bedroom floor is almost always covered with a thin carpet of it

3. And your shower? It’s basically a museum of your hair – in the drain, on the tiles, arranged in delicate swirls on the shower door…

4. But somehow, despite all you lose, you still have SO much of it on your head

5. You’ve tried many different things on your path to a body hair-free life: Waxing, Veet, laser, the No No (remember the ads for that?) and epilators. Your hair has overpowered most of them

6. You basically just shave your face now, because very little else keeps the moustache down

7. You also have a monthly appointment to pluck the one witchy hair growing from your chinny-chin-chin

8. Your eyebrows are strong, independent women who have no interest in obeying any eyebrow gel, no matter how hard you try to keep them in line

10. You’ve experience the unique pain of bracelets catching on your arm hair

11. Your armpits have a near-permanent five o’clock shadow

12. When you see gals posting their engagement ring pics you marvel at their hair-free knuckles. Did they know to shave them beforehand?

13. Your summer grooming routine also includes shaving your little Hobbit-y toes and feet – though to your horror, you often forget this extra step

14. You’re really attached to black opaque tights, which often save you the pain and effort of shaving your legs (a huge ordeal)

15. When you do, you can never seem to shave your whole leg – there’s always a patch on your calf where the hair is left to grow wild and free

16. You basically need a whole day to wrangle all your body hair, not to mention the time it takes for the hair on your head to air-dry

17. But at least you don’t have to spend money on volumising products or hair extensions – nope, you have LOADS of your own. Swings and roundabouts!


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