3 Ways To Prevent Chapped Lips This Winter

Coz you’ve really got no biz priming, colouring and glossing your lips when winter has basically shredded the pout beneath.


 Avoid dry lips from the get go:

  1. Avoid picking or licking.
  2. Use sunscreen.
  3. Cover your mouth when out in the elements.
  4. Stay hydrated, inside and out. 

There’s no denying we spend countless hours searching and stalking for new ways to improve our pouts (yea, thanks Kylie Jenner) and our obsession has spurred the creation of cosmetics created that we never even knew we needed. Eh, lip primers anyone? But after all this evol-lip-tion we still feel most of us are skipping a basic step. One that should even come before primer…We need a kick-ass lip scrub.

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet for the three best DIY lip scrub recipes that combine the ultimate winter enemies: exfoliation and moisturisation. We promise these gems will leave your mouths smoochably soft. Did we mention they’re all edible too?

1. Strawberry lips


Easy, sweet and effective, just how we like our at-home treatments. This little concoction makes your lips feel unbelievably soft and smooth and, as a bonus, tastes amazing if you just happen to sneak a lick.

2. Spicy pumpkin lips


Not only is pumpkin an ingredient of choice this time of year, it has a tonne of amazing moisturizing properties, like skin-soothing vitamin E. We couldn’t resist indulging in the spirit of the season by topping this brown sugar scrub with freshly grated nutmeg. Ah.

3. Mint choc and coffee lips


So Starbucks red cup season is well under way, but that’s no reason not to indulge in your fave combo in lip scrub form! Be warned you will defo want to eat this one. Use it daily to scrub away flakes and keep your kisser seriously soft.

By Jennifer Conway.


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