4 Genres Of Bath I Couldn’t Live Without

Hannah Hillyer on her devotion to one of life’s most simple pleasures - the humble soak 

Photo via Pexels

A couple of years ago, before I moved out of my parent’s house, they replaced the bathtub with a shower. I was horrified because I LOVE a bath. For some people Sunday means going to mass or nursing a hangover, but for me the bath is my church and I can’t think of a better way to spend the last day of the week.

Luckily, my apartment had a bath and my Sunday night rituals began again.

Diane Von Furstenberg has written an entire book on the subject, from the history of bathing to how Benjamin Franklin brought the very first bathtub to the United States in the 1780s. She writes; “Showers are popular for their speed and efficiency, but baths remain the rite passed down from our ancestors, who understood the need for hygiene and pleasure.”

Sylvia Plath was also a massive bath fan, famously saying; “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them” and tbh, we couldn’t agree more. I’m a firm believer that a hot bath actually can cure almost anything be it heartbreak, or a particularly horrendous hangover.

Not everyone is fan of a soak in the tub, but trust me you can be converted even if you’re a shower girl through and through. If you’re someone who gets in and five minutes later feels like a lobster on the boil and hop back out, I have some advice. Run your bath, and don’t get in straight away. Let it sit, add your products and while it cools down a little, do your body brushing, exfoliating or whatever else you need to do before you get in.

Personally, I have a menu of different types of baths to choose from so pick one that suits your mood.

The stress-free soak

This is the one you have after a particularly long week, to rinse away all the stress and frustration. For this, you really want to take the time to relax and recharge. Shutting the bathroom door and being alone for an hour or so is a great way to wash off a stressful day and unwind.

Light some candles, and go wild with the luxurious products. Some like bubbles, but personally I’m a fan of a bath oil. An oil begins hydrating your skin whilst you’re soaking and feels super decadent. Jo Malone London has the most amazing selection in a variety of different scents, the Red Roses one is a classic scent that’s hard not to love.

I’d recommend pairing this with lots of candles and a good book or your favourite magazine so you can properly switch off. To lock in all the moisture from the bath oil slather on a thick body cream as soon as you get out before slipping into some fresh PJs.

The one for aches and pains

If you’re feeling a bit sore, a bath can be the ultimate cure. Whether it’s period pain or achey legs from a long run or gym session, the answer is always a long soak in the bath.

For this Epsom Salts will be your best friend. These can be purchased super-cheaply from most pharmacies, but I particularly like Westlab Sleep which are lavender scented and amazing if you’re heading straight to bed after.

 Soaking in an Epsom salt filled bath, you will literally be able to feel your muscles relaxing as all those aches and pains melt away.

A body oil is great applied straight after the bath whilst skin is still damp, try Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Oil, which is easy to use in a spray bottle, or for an affordable option try good old Bio Oil.

The pre-night out bath

Now this is an extra special one that usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon. You know one of those days when you have nothing on and literally all day to get ready? This is perfect for that.

Now is the time where you get yourself all buffed and ready for the night ahead. A deep exfoliating session is good here, along with leg shaving so you’re all ready for applying some instant tan. For an amazing body scrub try the ones from & Other Stories which come in lots of different scents. Unlike many scrubs, which come in squeezy tubes that just end up straight down the plug hole, these come in a tub. The consistency is like a thick gel, so it really sticks to damp skin and lets you go to town on the exfoliating without it just sliding straight off.

A bath is a great way to remove any stubborn tan around wrists or ankles as you soak in the tub, I love the He-Shi Tan Remover and Primer for this. Apply it beforehand, whilst your bath is cooling down and watch your tan dissolve almost as soon as you hop in.

To get yourself fully ready for your night out, we’d also recommend loud music and a glass of wine in the tub to really get you going. You’ll emerge a goddess afterwards, ready to head straight out.

The weekly pamper

This is the crème de la crème of baths. The ritual which takes place every Sunday, and is the ultimate soul cleansing pamper session.

Before you hop in apply a nourishing hair mask like the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, combing it through from root to ends. If you’re feeling super-bougie a face mask is also ideal, a sheet mask in particular as you don’t need to wash them off after 15 minutes you can just peel it off and stay in the tub.

Personally, I like to perch my laptop on a table nearby and watch a rom-com while I soak for optimum relaxation, but it goes without saying keep any electricals far away from the bath! A rom-com or any film by Nora Ephron is ideal for a Sunday night soak.

This is what sets me up for the week ahead, as a little self-care on a Sunday makes you a much happier person rolling into Monday morning.