Life Hacks: 4 Ways To Make Your Manicure Stick Around For Longer

Tropical Popical's Andrea Horan explains how to keep your tips looking polished to perfection for a super long time.

Sick of polish flaking and chipping in two seconds flat? Prep properly and it won’t happen, says Andrea Horan from Tropical Popical. Simple!

1. Oil be back

Dehydrating, that’s removing all the oils and moisture before you get going on the polish, is invaluable for the life of your mani.

2. Dry your eyes, mate

It takes up to 12 hours for the polish to be fully dry so make your mani your ‘me time’. Buy a magazine, light some candles, lash on Barry White. The longer you sit around to let your nails dry, the longer your mani will last.

3. TopĀ it off

If you reapply a good top coat every other day, it fills in the weak spots or cracks and prevents any chipping.

4. Glove up

Hand sanitisers, exfoliators and the washing up are the enemies of the mani. They don’t just kill germs and slough off dead skin, they kill the colour in your polish too.

Pic credits: instagram/tropicalpopical