5 Actually Doable Beauty Hacks From The Kardashian/Jenner Sisters

Because who doesn't want to have skin like these gals?

Being beautiful is something the Kardashian/Jenner girls are known for, so of course we jump at any chance to find out their secrets to looking super glam.

Whether you want to have clear skin like Kylie or chiseled cheekbones like Kim, we’ve rounded up a list of the best beauty hacks from the five sisters and their makeup artists that are actually doable. You don’t have to be a MUA or break your bank account – keep reading and you’ll be Kardashian ready in no time.

Kim’s Contour Tricks:

Struggle with knowing where exactly to place your cream contour? Well the contouring queen Kim has got a simple tip that works for literally anyone. Kim recommends using a dark shade of contour and placing it in a “3 shape” on your face, starting with the forehead, to the cheekbones and then to the chin, and then blend. This quick trick hits all the good spots that need chiseling in one step. Kim personally adds the majority of her product to her temples and forehead to give the illusion of a “short forehead”.

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Kylie’s Blemish Blaster:

Kylie’s young skin is almost always blemish free and perfect. This is the result of a surprisingly simple step in her beauty routine. On Snapchat, she shared that she dips a Q-tip inside the Mario Badesco Drying Lotion bottle, then leaves a dollop of the formula on each blemish. A 28ml bottle of this magic will set you back €17.95 on Beauty Bay.

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Get Smooth Skin Like Kourtney:

Despite being the eldest of the five, Kourtney has the youngest looking skin ever. So what’s her secret? Exfoliation, simple as. The 38-year-old revealed on her app that when it comes to exfoliating, she reaches for the natural stuff, opting for exfoliants that contain charcoal, coffee, and lemon.  She also uses exfoliating mitts to get off any dead skin. Easy peasy.

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Khloé’s Even Skin Tone Trick:

Do you struggle finding a foundation that isn’t heavy but still evens out your skin tone?  Well, so does mammy-to-be Khloé Kardashian. Via her app, Khloé revealed that she would often struggle in finding a balance between having natural, lightly applied foundation and actually evening out her skin tone. The solution to this, according to her makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, is tinted moisturiser. Bonelli suggests that when you swap out your regular moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser before you apply your foundation, you will create a perfect, even base, as a tinted moisturiser adds extra coverage which will help even out your skin tone before foundation is applied. Kiss your cake face goodbye ladies.

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Kendall’s Bronze Glow:

Natural beauty Kendall has previously told US Vogue that her favourite beauty hack is bronzing, and she doesn’t just use it on her cheeks. Kendall likes to pinch the bristles of her brush into a dome shape for a more concentrated sweep across her cheekbones, and also sweep the product onto her eyelids for a wide-eyed look and soft glow.

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