5 Beauty Hacks That Went Viral In 2015

From the super cray-cray to the actually pretty useful these hacks hit the big time in 2015.

Clown contouring

Clown Contouring

It looks crazy but it’s actually pretty cool. When YouTube star Bella De Lune made this face-sculpting hack go viral we had to try it. The results? A gorgeously sculpted bone structure and a radiant complexion. Sold!

Red lippy to conceal

Red Lipstick As Concealer

It may look like something out of a horror film, but blogger Deepica Mutyala swears that the red colour works to neutralise darkness under the eyes. Does it work? It all comes down to your skin tone. If you have green undertones below your eyes like Deepica, a classic red hue will counteract it. For lighter skin tones, peachy hues work best.

Doritos shaving hack

Blogger Sjana Earp was obviously looking to get, ahem, crisp lines when she road-tested this unusual pubic hair removal hack. The method is simple: just use a Dorito as a shaving template to ensure you get a perfectly formed triangle shape on your bikini line. Will we be using it? We think we’ll just stick to eating the crisps…

Shadow sheets

Eyeshadow Shields

All our palette prayers were officially answered in 2015 with the creation of shadow sheets; a super handy way to catch fallout when we’re applying our eyeshadow. Ruining our foundation after we’ve spent ages getting it just so? Hell no!


Huda Kattan baking makeup

Nowhere near as scary as it sounds (there’s no heat involved – promise!) this beauty hack has actually been around for ages, but hit the big time this year. It’s super easy too: just apply your concealer with a damp make-up sponge, liberally add loose powder and allow to set for 10 or 15 minutes. We have a full tutorial here.


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