5 Beauty Lessons to Learn From Your Mammy

Because our mothers knows best. Or so they keep telling us anyway.


We reckon our Mammies are deadly. They cheer us up when we feel poorly, they make the best Sunday roast EVER and they’re pretty on top of things when it comes to looking glam. In fact, Mums know all about beauty, from how to stay wrinkle-free, to making sure you never go to bed with your make-up on. Here are five of their best tips for looking beauts.

Moisturise daily

That expensive looking jar by the bathroom sink? It’s your Mum’s secret weapon. She knows the importance of investing in your skin and she’ll happily lecture you on the perils of skipping moisturiser. Dry, dehydrated skin not only looks dull, but it will emphasise any little wrinkles or imperfections you might have, so dip in to that jar in the bathroom and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Get your zeds

Anyone who’s ever pulled an all-nighter will know you definitely don’t look your best the next day. Think dull skin, puffy eyes and maybe even an extra pimple or too. A good night’s sleep will help repair blemishes and brighten the complex. Your Mum says get your eight hours and then some. Don’t make her tell you twice!

Twitter time: Lessons our readers learned from their Mums.

“Don’t cross your legs – it’ll give you varicose veins.” Mandy Derwin

“Don’t forget about your neck when applying cream. It’s the first to show wrinkles!” Katie Grant

“My mum always told me, ‘Don’t be plastering on too much slap’ and to avoid the infamous orange foundation line!” Ciara Treacy

“Always cleanse, tone and moisturise. Never go to bed with your make-up on!” Mary Moloney

Health = beauty.

Ever been told to eat your greens? Mums know that good health means glowing skin and glossy hair. Stock up on antioxidant-loaded foods like fruit and veggies, which are great for getting your glow on and fighting wrinkles too, and get in a little exercise. You’ll be all dewy and gorgeous in no time.

Keep it simple

She’s never afraid to tell you when your makeup looks like it’s been caked on with a trowel, and have you ever noticed how her cosmetic bag looks teeny tiny compared to yours? Yep, less is more as far as your Mum is concerned. Don’t overload your skin with products, dial down your look to a more natural version of you, and always keep a pot of Vaseline in your handbag for emergencies. She does.

Grin and bear it

How many times has your Mum told you, “If the wind changes you’ll stay like that?” That’s ’cause wearing your grouchy face all day long can cause wrinkles. Just check out Grumpy Cat if you don’t believe us. Chill out, smile more and you’ll always look beautiful. Besides, nobody likes to see a great big grin on your face more than your Mum does, eh?