5 Beauty Secrets We Stole From Irish Make-Up Artists

Okay, really we asked them nicely. Here are the deadly beauty secrets they shared with us...

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When it comes to beauty know how, make-up artists are always our go-to for advice. After all, they spend all day making up the faces of their clients, and ensuring their own pouts and peepers are looking selfie worthy too. So, because we wanted to finesse our skills, we grilled some of our favourite home-grown MUAs for the make-up advice they swear by.

1. Less is always more

MUA Tara O’Farrell says you should “choose one feature and play that up while keeping everything else subtle.” She adds, “Fresh, dewy skin is the way to go. Matte skin can be very aging. The key is to stick with what works for you and don’t feel you have to follow trends. Find what suits you and brings out your best features.”

2. Mix foundation to find your perfect match

“Sometimes it’s very hard to find a perfect shade match in your favourite foundation,” says bridal make-up artist Clare Hogan, “especially if your skin changes colour throughout the year, so don’t be afraid to mix shades to achieve the perfect match,” she instructs. “If you have combination skin a more matte formula might work better on your t-zone while you might need something more moisturising on the rest of your face.”

3. Choose the right brushes

A pro tip from Clare? “While it’s good to invest in good make-up brushes especially when it comes to powder and foundation, you can save on ones such as eyeliner or angled brushes for filling in brows from Daler.”

4. Use this mascara hack

Robyn O’Brien AKA @themakeupgal swears by this trick. “Always paint your bottom lashes first with your mascara wand then go in at the top,” she intstructs. “That way you’re not getting that annoying print of mascara on your lid from looking upwards.”

5. Try this lip-lining trick

Another hack from Robyn? “When lining your lips with lip pencil, always draw upwards on your top lip and inwards on your bottom. This will give you a more plumper looking lip yet still keep your natural lip shape.” Got it.


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