5 Deadly Halloween Make-Up Tutorials We’re Dying To Try Out

Forget the costume, this Halloween it's all about the make-up, and we've found some deadly tutorials that'll really help you stand out from the crowd.

snap chat make-up

The spooky season is nearly upon us, and far from donning a tacky police outfit or a nurse costume so skimpy it barely covers our backside, we’ve decided to go all out with our make-up instead. Naturally, we turned to some of our favourite YouTubers for inspiration.

Here are five looks we’re dying to try out…

1. Snapchat rainbow tutorial

Constantly glued to your Snapchat? This is the make-up look for you then. Just don’t spill your drink down your chin and wash it all off, y’hear?

2. Disney inspired make-up

Disney fans will love this Snow White-inspired witch make-up. The trickiest part will be getting those wrinkles just right and the eyebrows on fleek.

3. Creepy face in a face tutorial

This two-faced make-up is sure to have people seeing double. But be warned, creating this look takes some serious application talent. Thankfully, the results are so worth the effort.

4. Pop art tutorial

You’ll need plenty of red paint, and lashings of eyeliner to get this look right. Also essential? A stack load of baby wipes to take it all off at the end of the night.

5. Zombie barbie

Wanna give Barbie a haunting makeover this Halloween? Michelle Phan shows you how with fake blood, tissue paper and liquid latex. Just add a blonde wig and you’re good to go.